Our values

The starting point of Telehaptics’ corporate responsibility is integrity, accountability, and respect and caring for people and society.

Telehaptics’ mission is to use cutting-edge technology to create health and well-being for blind and severely visually impaired people. 

Our sense of corporate responsibility steams from our mission and our values as well as caring for blind people and society in whole.

Pioneer in disruptive Assistive Technologies for the blind

Our customers and their families can rely on us to provide cutting-edge technologies, solutions, assistive products and healthcare services which are safe and effective and which will truly improve the lives of people who are blind and severely visually impaired and their families. We apply knowledge-based management, seek to perform better every day and are a developer and pioneer in technology healthcare.

Attractive and meaningful workplace

We invest in the comprehensive well-being of our employees and provide them with opportunities to develop and shine in their work. Our company culture encourages success and innovation.

Innovator and agile developer in the industry

We create meaningful jobs and export European expertise to the international medical devices market. We are a strong partner for the public sector in developing social welfare and healthcare for the visually impaired in all countries we operate.

Sustainable development

We operate sustainably, openly and efficiently throughout the value chain. You can rely on our products and services to provide improved and safer solutions. All our products are manufactured in accordance with our sustainable manufacturing policies and our after sales includes re-cycling of old devices in an efficient manner. We are constantly seeking new technologies and solutions to improve our sustainable approach.

Telehaptics promotes the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in its operations

We support the World Health Organisation’s work to end avoidable blindness

UN Sustainable Development Goal #3

Telehaptics contributes to the growth of health and well-being of people who suffer from blindness and visually impairment by investing in the development and delivery of high-quality assistive medical devices. This will impact the lives of millions of people in both developed and developing countries.

UN Sustainable Development Goal #8

Telehaptics contributes to the goal by employing people, investing and creating economic growth through tax income. We apply Sustainable Development policies to our R&D, manufacturing and after sales activities.

UN Sustainable Development Goal #9

Telehaptics contributes to the achievement of the goal by making sustainable investments, creating and manufacturing new innovative assistive devices for blind and visually impaired people.

UN Sustainable Development Goal #17

Cooperation between the private and public sector is particularly important in social welfare and healthcare to ensure that services are organised in society in the best possible way for customers and patients.

“This will change everything”

Mr. Jakob Rosin
Chairman, Estonian Blind Union
Fully blind since age 13